By Phone

To make your payment by telephone, it is recommended that you print this page, or write down the Pay Location Code™ and telephone number listed below.

Payment are accepted through Government Payment Services, Inc. (GPS) and may take one business day to post to your ticket or case.

Before making the telephone call you will need to know:

  • The person's name as it appears on the ticket
  • The amounts owed for each offense listed on the ticket (fines and costs listed below)
  • The daytime telephone number of the person ticketed, and The date of birth of the ticketed person.

If the offense is a non-payable offense, a court date will be scheduled for you, by the court, and notice of this date will be sent to you.

To make your payment by telephone, call GPS at (888) 604-7888. The 4-digit Pay Location Code™ (PLC#) needed to start your transaction i:


Note: GPS is an independent company that charges a fee for its services. The court receives no part of that fee.