The following lists reflect the price if payment is received on time (within 14 days of the ticket being issued). Late payments are subject to penalty.
Violations occurring in a school zone, construction zone or emergency scene may have higher fines; please call the court to confirm fine amount.

Careless Driving (With or Without Accident)$260.00
CMV on Restricted Streets$290.00
Defective Equipment*$195.00
Disregard Traffic Signal$195.00
Expired Plate$195.00
Failed To Stop In Assured Clear Distance$220.00
Improper Use of Lights$195.00
No Proof of Insurance **$195.00
No Registration on Person*$195.00
Speeding 1-5$195.00
Speeding 1-5 Limited Access (Freeway)$195.00
Stop Sign$195.00

*Can be waived with proper documentation within 14 days of issuance
**Can be waived if valid proof of insurance is presented to the court within 14 days of issuance of ticket. Policy must have been effective on date/time of offense.


Careless Driving (With or Without Accident)$260.00
Occupant Under Age Of 18 in Open Bed Of Pickup Truck$195.00
Failed To Stop In Assured Clear Distance$220.00
Illegal Entrance/Exit Of Freeway$195.00
Drove Moped On Sidewalk Or Limited Access Road$195.00
Motorcycle/Moped Over Two Abreast$195.00
Drove Across Median – Highway$195.00
Interfered With Fire Apparatus$195.00
Drove Around Railroad Crossing$195.00
Drove Without Lights On$195.00
Failure To Dim Lights$195.00
Failure To Signal On Turn$195.00
Failure To Use Due Care And Caution$195.00
Following Too Closely$195.00
Improper Backing$195.00
Improper Lane Change or Usage$195.00
Improper Passing$195.00
Improper Start (Squealing Tires)$195.00
Left Of Center Line$195.00
Obstructed Vision And/Or Control$195.00
Wrong Way On Divided Highway Or One Way Street$195.00
Allow Riding On Outside Of Car$195.00
Violation Of Basic Speed Law$195.00


1-5 MPH Over Limit$195.00
6-10 MPH Over Limit$195.00
11-15 MPH Over Limit$235.00
16-20 MPH Over Limit$260.00
21-25 MPH Over Limit$310.00
26+ MPH Over Limit$360.00
Freeway Speed – Below Limit$195.00
1-5 MPH Over Limit in Construction Zone$230.00
6-10 MPH Over Limit in Construction Zone$230.00
11-15 MPH Over Limit in Construction Zone$260.00
16-20 MPH Over Limit in Construction Zone$360.00
21-25 MPH Over Limit in Construction Zone$460.00
26+ MPH Over Limit in Construction Zone$560.00



Bicycle Violations$130.00
Careless Driving$260.00
Carry Concealed Pistol in Prohibited Place 1st Offense$235.00
Carry Concealed Pistol With BAC .02-.07 grams$625.00
Concealed Pistol, Fail to Disclose to Peace Officer 1st Offense$655.00
Declaration of Nuisance 1st Offense$130.00
Declaration of Nuisance 2nd Offense$280.00
Declaration of Nuisance 3rd Offense$530.00
Disobey Traffic Control Device$195.00
Disobeyed Stop Sign$195.00
Disobeyed Traffic Signal – Red Light$195.00
Dog License 1st Offense$105.00
Dog License 2nd Offense$305.00
Dog License 3rd Offense$555.00
Dog Nuisance 1st Offense$105.00
Dog Nuisance 2nd Offense$305.00
Dog Nuisance 3rd Offense$555.00
Double Parking$205.00
Drove Left of Center$195.00
Drove Moped on Sidewalk or Limited Access Road$195.00
Drove Without Due Care and Caution$195.00
Drove Wrong Way on a One Way$195.00
Equipment Violation$195.00
Exp Plate, No Plate MC, No Plate, UNL VEH (Except COM VEH)$195.00
Fail to Possess Concealed Pistol License While Carrying Concealed Weapon$655.00
Fail to Show Concealed Pistol License and State ID to Peace Officer on Demand$245.00
Failed to Signal and/or Observe-Improper Backing$195.00
Failed to Change Address on Driver’s License$195.00
Failed to Change Address on Registration$195.00
Failed to Display Valid Graduated License (ALL GRAD LIC-CI’S)$195.00
Failed to Drive Minimum Speed$195.00
Failed to Sign Vehicle Registration Waivable Within 10 Days$195.00
Failed to Stop at Railroad Crossing – Passenger Car Only$195.00
Failed to Stop for School Bus$260.00
Failed to Stop in Assured Clear Distance$220.00
Failed to Stop Leaving Alley or Private Drive$195.00
Failed to Yield$195.00
Failed to Yield to a Pedestrian$195.00
Failed to Yield to Emergency Vehicle – Emergency Responder – MISD$195.00
Failure to Take a PBT$220.00
Failure to Take a PBT Under 21$220.00
Followed Too Closely$195.00
Handicapped Parking$170.00
Illegal Entrance / Exit Expressway$195.00
Impeding Traffic (PLEA) Blockading Flow Reduction Code$195.00
Improper Crossing Divided Highway$195.00
Improper Lane Use$195.00
Improper Passing$195.00
Improper Turn$195.00
Improper/Unsecured Load Passenger Vehicle or Pickup$195.00
Improperly Attached/Obscured Plates – Improper Display$195.00
Insurance/Proof Shown
Interfered With Fire Apparatus$195.00
Interfered With Traffic$195.00
Motor Running Unattended (Parking)$65.00
Motorcycle/Moped Over Two Abreast$195.00
No Helmet$195.00
No Proof of Insurance/Insurance Obtained After Violation Date$195.00
No Registration on Person Waivable if Valid Within 10 Days$195.00
Obstructed Vision or Control$195.00
Occupant Under Age of 18 in Open Bed of Pickup Truck$195.00
Operating While Texting (Reading/Typing/Sending a Text Message)$260.00
Parking in Front of School (Written as School Zone Drop Off)$100.00
Pedestrian Violations (Hitchhiking/Soliciting/Jaywalking)$130.00
Prohibited Parking$65.00
Prohibited Turn$195.00
Registration and or Plate Violation$195.00
Rental Dwellings Compliance Required 1st Offense (Effective 10/14/02)$500.00
Rental Dwellings Compliance Required 2nd Offense$760.00
Rental Dwellings Inspection Fee 1st Offense$500.00
Rental Dwellings Inspection Fee 2nd Offense$760.00
Rental Dwellings Registration Fee 1st Offense$500.00
Rental Dwellings Registration Fee 2nd Offense$760.00
Riding Outside MV/Clinging to MV$195.00
Safety Belt Violation$65.00
Safety Belt Violation Passenger (5 Years or Older)$65.00
School Bus Failed to Stop at RR Crossing$245.00
Speed 1-5 Miles Over$195.00
Speed 6-10 Miles Over$195.00
Speed 11-15 Miles Over$235.00
Speed 16-20 Miles Over$260.00
Speed 21-25 Miles Over$310.00
Speed 26+ Miles Over$360.00
Speeding in a Construction Zone 1-5$230.00
Speeding in a Construction Zone 6-10$230.00
Speeding in a Construction Zone 11-15$310.00
Speeding in a Construction Zone 16-20$360.00
Speeding in a Construction Zone 21-25$460.00
Speeding in a Construction Zone 26+$560.00
Squealing Tires (UTC 5.90A) Unsafe Start$120.00
Storage of Wood Pile 1st Offense$105.00
Storage of Wood Pile 2nd Offense$305.00
Storage of Wood Pile 3rd Offense$555.00
Unauthorized or Improper use of Lights$195.00
Unlawful Rider Motor Cycle/Moped (No CYC. Endorse-MISD)$195.00
Vehicle Displayed For Sale on Street Parked$65.00
Violation child Restraint Law (4 Years & Under)$170.00
Violation of Basic Speed Law VBSL Unsafe Operator$195.00
Violation of Graduated License Permit$195.00