Civil Division

The civil division is responsible for general civil litigation (less than $25,000 at issue), landlord / tenant cases and small claims actions (less than $5,000 with no attorney representation).

MI-Resolve now has a website for online dispute resolutions.  It’s a free service to parties to reach settlements via their smartphones, tablets and computers on a 24/7 basis.  Litigants can either directly negotiate with each other online, or have a mediator from the Wayne County Community Dispute Resolution Program center assist them in assessing options for resolving their dispute.  This online program can be utilized by parties whether they have an ongoing case in the court or not.

The website is

Extra Information for Public Assistance:

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MSHDA HARAs Contact List

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Tenant Legal Resources

Traffic and Criminal Division

This division is responsible for civil infractions, as well as misdemeanor and felony criminal violations.

FOR ONLINE TICKET RESOLUTION: (civil infractions only)

Probation Department

The probation department is responsible for monitoring defendants during their supervision period. In addition, the department performs alcohol assessments, and coordinates other programs ordered by the Judge.

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Warrant Division

This section describes what circumstances may lead to the issuance of an arrest warrant.  It also outlines the procedure for clearing the matter if a warrant is issued.

Misdemeanor warrants are issued when a person does not show up for their scheduled court dates.  Civil infraction warrants are issued when a person does not pay the fines and costs owing on a traffic ticket or parking ticket.

Once a warrant has been signed by the Judge, a $45.00 warrant fee is assessed to the case and the warrant is turned over to the police department.

Jury Duty

If you have been notified to serve as a juror, please call the court at (313) 382-8603, prompt #6, AFTER 6:00 p.m. on the day prior to trial to confirm service.

Any requests for exemption from jury duty must be made in writing to the Court.  No exemptions will be given over the telephone.

Information on serving as a juror at the 25th District Court.  Includes a description of the legal system, case types and a walkthrough of a typical case so that you may familiarize yourself with the process before attending.


The 25th District Court Community Work Program, founded in 1993, provides services to the communities at no cost. Defendants sentenced into the program do not receive compensation. The following are some of the projects undertaken by the Work Program:

  • Cleans Courthouse Property
  • Cleans Alleyways
  • Rakes Leaves in Community Parks
  • Cleans up garbage under viaducts
  • Cleans Community Parks